Ellie McCarthy

Club Coach & Personal Trainer

Meet our newest member of the team Ellie McCarthy!

We’re super lucky to have Ellie onboard, as she brings an endless supply of energy, passion, connection and level of focus which we absolutely love, you might not have had the chance to meet Ellie yet as she has only just started coaching with us, however she’s been a member for a long time. So, here’s more about her:

Hi, my name is Ellie and I am a Personal Trainer here at Danbury Fitness, specialising in fat loss and body recomposition. People tend to call me “Ells” which is where the name for my online coaching business came from… “Trained by Ells”. I am a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer and am currently studying Level 4 sports nutrition.

I have 7+ years of experience in training myself and have been through all the ups and downs in my own fitness journey. I haven’t always been into fitness and in fact, when I was growing up, the idea of going to the gym or doing any form of exercise was my worst nightmare. In my late teenage years, I was encouraged by a family member to join the gym and it changed my life. I soon realised that not only did I feel good, my health was improving and I was making changes to my physique but the mental benefits were unmatched.

My love for fitness grew and I decided to turn my passion into a career. I now help others become the best versions of themselves, in a healthy and sustainable way, without excessive training or extreme diets.

What you may not know about me is that I also work in a law firm part-time which I do alongside running my business. Until recently, I was working full time so I can fully understand what it is like to have a hectic 9-5 and sometimes finding the time to train can be difficult.

Quote from Ellie: “No one should feel like they do not have a place in the gym or fitness environment. Whether you are just starting out or you have been training for years, everyone has a place and should never be made to feel any different. It is the most rewarding feeling watching my clients grow in confidence and that has to be one of my favourite parts of my job’”.

Email:  trainedbyells@gmail.com

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