Gary Banks

Personal Trainer

Gary is a Level 4 Personal Trainer, Qualified Nutritionist and Mindfulness Life Coach. He is a 2-time British Champion Fitness Model, he has run the London Marathon in sub-4 hours and played both Football and Rugby at a professional level.

Gary truly believes the most precious thing in life is to nurture your mental and physical health, to ensure you lead the most fulfilling life possible!

He has always had a keen interest in keeping active, from a young age playing sports including athletics, football, tennis and swimming. Fitness helps clear his mind, encourages him to eat well and he loves to push his body through exercise as it makes him feel strong, healthy and happy. Looking after his body gives Gary the work/life balance he has always been searching for and he wants to help others do the same.

Gary’s mission is to introduce you to a new mindset and way of life using simple techniques, following straightforward training and nutrition plans, plans that are easy to understand and more importantly sustainable for the rest of your life.

No fad diets, no back breaking workouts, no food that’s bland and boring, no jargon that means nothing to you outside of the fitness industry. Just a clear understanding on how to best nurture yourself through fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. 

He is incredibly passionate about helping people achieve their goals, both physically and mentally, and has helped countless men, women and children become fitter, stronger and, most importantly, happier in life through his coaching – he would love to help you do the same.

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