Naomi Pannell

Club Coach & Personal Trainer

Naomi Pannell, has been in the fitness industry for 6 years. Since leaving school in 2015 she went straight into running her own fitness group sessions, alongside studying for her personal training qualification. Since then, Naomi has come so far and grown in her coaching but also in her own training and athletic development to.

Since becoming a PT Naomi has also completed her nutrition qualification and works closely alongside different individuals to encourage and support them in reaching their unique goals, whether that be focusing on weight loss or knowing how to fuel for performance.

Alongside her PT and coaching, Naomi also runs ‘Women Wellness Days’ – a morning for females to discuss all things nutrition, menopause, training and to create a safe environment to build and encourage females to gain confidence in the gym.
Naomi’s always been into her fitness, when she first started her fitness journey as a PT she was more focused on running… This saw her complete 2 marathons and multiple impressive half marathons too!

However, over the last 2-3 years Naomi has found her love for weight training and functional fitness. She’s had a massive transformation and now competes regularly in many different competitions herself too. Naomi’s proudest moment recently, is coming first in her age group at a fitness event called HYROX and qualifying for the world championships where she FINISHED 9TH in the world for her age category!

Naomi is competitive and is always up for a workout, whether that be a pump or cardio session she will give you a good run for your money.

Naomi is known for being extremely friendly, motivated, encouraging and supportive as a coach. She inspires many and will support anyone in whatever goal they want to achieve.

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