Caitlin Boyle

Assistant Manager

Caitlin has been part of this club’s history for many years and is someone who really represents our values of being member-focused.

Caitlin has huge ENERGY and good vibes around the gym. She’s passionate about all ‘things fitness’, with an extremely motivating and positive attitude towards progression, and of course, is well known for making training stacks of FUN too!

For those of you who don’t know, here’s a little introduction and bio written by her:

“Hi I’m Caitlin, although I’m new to the Danbury Fitness team, you would have definitely seen me around the gym before.

I’m currently a Level 3 Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist and undertaking my Level 3 Nutrition, but there is so much more to me than just the qualifications!

What else is there to know about me? Well… I may be mini but I am mighty, I have a love for boxing and am about to turn amateur. Yes If I was you, I would be scared of me too 😉 only kidding. But if I’m not in the ring, you’ll probably find me on my hands, monkeying around or baking some big old cookies to fuel my love of food.

From a young age, I successfully competed nationally in both gymnastics and pole vault. I’ve experienced the physical benefits of exercise, and with several serious injuries under my belt and long periods of rehab, have learned the psychological importance of exercise too.

I love to have a chat so if you see me around the gym don’t be shy, please feel free to come over for a natter even if it’s not to do with training!”

“P.S. I’m a pint-size of badass and big energy ready to kill every session with you. Let’s get it!”

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