Ryan Hodgson

Club Coach & Personal Trainer

Ryan Hodgson’s passion for fitness is beyond motivating, as a young trainer he has already built a great reputation as one of Danbury’s proven coaches to get results, both in the gym and online.

From Ryan himself: “My passion for gym started when I decided to improve my physical and mental health a few years ago. Since I started my fitness journey, I’ve become more confident and happier and in a much better place.”

The reason I’m a personal trainer today is because I thrive from being able to help people in and out of the gym to see the same benefits I have and that’s with training their physique and also mentally with the confidence it generally gives them in life.

Anyone can achieve the goals they desire and if you are struggling … I’m here to help every step of the way!

Sign up with me today and we can arrange 1-1 sessions in person or online coaching where a tailored gym and diet plan will be customised to fit your needs, with weekly check-ins and 24/7 contact with myself for all the encouragement you need to reach your personal goals.

Together we can make training enjoyable and most importantly rewarding to get you the results you truly deserve.

Level 2 fitness instructor
Level 3 personal trainer
Muscle tone and development
Nutritional guidance
Bespoke training plans in person and online
Body confidence
Strength and conditioning
Mental health enthusiast

Email: hodgfitness@gmail.com

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